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stickered up for autocrossing

For the complete story on Corvettes Conquer Cancer, please visit Ben Labaree's site at

I lost my wife in 2004 to stomach cancer - she went from running 5ks and triathlons, to illness and diagnosis, to heaven in less than 4 months.  Needless to say that was shocking and the worst time of our lives.  She was 31.
I'd heard about Corvettes Conquer Cancer, and how Ben and Sandy Labaree wore out one Corvette touring the country and going to shows raising over $1.5M for cancer programs and research, and now Ben's putting the miles on a new one and continuing the mission despite losing Sandy in 2000.  Dee Jai's name appears on the memorial panel on Ben's C6.

Our profile pic for the Rocky Mountain Corvette Social Club

Dee Jai and I owned a 2000 Corvette, which we used for road trips and autocross.  After her death, I began running logos on the car at autocross events put on by the SCCA - I figured if someone could advertise for their engine builder or tire supplier, I could use that space for something charitable.  Care & Share Food Bank here in Colorado also has a vital purpose in the world and was very supportive and excited about it too, so I ran their logos for a time as well.  Though I tried for a couple years, autocross venues are pretty small and I wanted to expand my audience somehow. 
In summer 2007 I was once again struggling with ownership of the car.  It certainly wasn't the same with an empty passenger seat, but I felt led to give the charity car concept another try.  I really wanted to use the car for something good and meaningful before I let go of it.
So I checked out Ben's site again, and noticed that his itinerary only rarely carried him west.  He, like me, has to hold down a job - and there's only so far you can go on a long weekend trip.  So, on my birthday, I wrote him an email and asked if he wanted a cohort on the west side to further the mission out this way - and he enthusiastically agreed.  I was on my way!
Currently, I'm trying to get company sponsors and groups to help with expenses, getting the logos and stickers designed and made, and putting together the calendar for the year.  If you'd like to sponsor me, either as a company, an individual, or a group, and would like your logo to appear on the car, visit this page!