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May 5, 2010:  As promised, I've been dilligently updating the web page with more past event pictures and a Contact Info page by request.  Also, I've been cleaning the car and packing for Vegas - I leave in the morning!
Apr 24, 2010:  You read it right...I am just about the most horrible webmaster there has ever been.  I solemly promise to get better this year!  As you can see from the home page, the car is logo'd and sticker'd.  I've also updated the calendar with my events planned for 2010. 
April 1, 09:  Site Launch!  Finally - goes live, with sections on the mission, Dee Jai my late wife, the calendar of events I'm planning for 2009, and sponsors...  Still have a logo to finalize and stickers to get made for the car.